Pool table lights are lights that are installed above a pool table to create a warm atmosphere on your pool table. With proper lights, you can also alleviate any shadows or glares while you enjoy a relaxing game of pool. These lights make the game more enjoyable and ensure that you do not strain your eyes or irritate them due to poor lighting; thus the importance of a good bulb. Each shade on these light fixtures is carefully crafted so as to meet regulation sizes. You can order a custom pool table lights to achieve a unique billiard or media room of your own. Alternatively, if you are getting the lights for a bar or club, you can save money by bulk ordering discount pool table lights. No matter where you find your lights they all serve the same purpose.

These lights are designed, primarily, to keep your pool table playing area bright so that no shadows are created and players always have a clear line of sight when shooting. They create the perfect brightness and placement, if install properly, so that you can shoot from anywhere in the room and still enjoy a perfect view. The function of these lights will not differ for all types of lights that are available to the average consumer.

The different types of light available

Pool Table LightsWhen you are choosing lights for your pool table, you can select from 4 standard types. The standard types are the ones that you will commonly find when shopping for your pool table lighting. The 4 types of pool table lights are:

  • 3 shade lights
  • 4 shade lights
  • 5 shade lights
  • Tiffany lights

You can of course order custom pool table lights that suit your particular needs if the standard types are not per your taste however most people would stick to these types. Choosing the types are usually very straight forward as it will depend on the dimension of your pool table. You may have a small pool table that is 3.7 feet by 7 feet which means you should invest in a 3 shade light fixture, whereas if you have a large 6 foot by 12 foot snooker table, you will want a five shade light.

The chart below will help you determine which type of table light works best for your pool table. You may also take note of the recommended length for each type of lights. On top of choosing the proper shade size and number, you also need to know the proper material to use for your pool table shades and other aspect of light shades. To find out more, you can read my post on Pool Table Light Shades

Recommended sizes:

Pool Table Size Recommended Pool table lights Size
3.5’ x 7’ table 3 lights/ 35’’ to 55’’ in length
4’ x 8’ table 3 to 4 lights/ 40’’ to 60’’ in length
4.5’ x 9’ table 4 to 5 lights/60’’ to 80’’ in length
5’ x 10’ snooker pool table 4 to 5 lights/60’’ to 80’’ in length
6’ x 12’ snooker pool table 5 lights/90’’ to 110’’ in length


Choosing the design for your pool table lights

Toltec Pool Table LightAfter deciding on the type of light fixture that is suitable for your pool table, you need to choose the design for your pool table lights. There are many types of design available to the average consumer and the type you buy will be based primarily on what you want to have in your room. If you are decorating a new media room, for example, and you just invested in a sleek chrome bar at one end of the room, then a chrome dome design might be the best pick for your lights. If instead you are selecting pool table lighting for a new billiard room at the end of your restaurant or club, then you may want a brass bar light or stained glass promotional light for the beer brands you sell such as Budweiser, Bud Light, Coors, or Miller. Ultimately, you won’t go wrong if you complement the design for the lighting of your pool table with the room’s decor.

Using a suitable bulb for your pool table lights

After you have selected a design, you can order your new pool table lighting system as a stand-alone item or get a set. Some sets come with light bulbs but many do not. Almost every light system can withstand a 60 watt bulb but sometimes these light bulbs make it too hot around the top of the lamp shade; of which you will have to switch to a 40 watt.

Other than the heat, you should consider the brightness of the lighting too when you are installing your bulbs. If a 60 watt bulb is too bright and creates a glare which irritates your eyes then you should try a 40 watt bulb. But if you start with a 40 watt bulb and it is too dim, it will have an adverse affect on your depth of perception and you may consider switching to a 60 watt.

Having said that, it is definitely advisable for you to play around with 40 watt bulbs and 60 watt bulbs to find which one works best for you. When you are experimenting which bulbs are more suitable for your pool table, ensure that the lights are of the correct height. This is because the height of the lights will also have an effect on the dimness and heat. For more information on how to choose the perfect bulb, check out my post on pool table light bulbs

How high should the lights be installed?

Pool Table Lights HeightWhen you are installing pool table light fixtures, your goal is to allow for optimal play. If you have too many flood lights hanging above the pool table area or below the ceiling it can minimize shadows but it will also hinder your clear field of view.

When you hang pool table light fixtures, you want to make sure you have the optimal height which is between 31’’ to 33’’ from the top of your table’s playing surface to the bottom of the lamp shades. The measurement remains the same no matter which lights you are installing. If you are measuring from the floor prior to having the pool table installed then you want the bottom of the shade to reach 61’’ to 63’’ above the floor. You may have to adjust the height again once the table is installed in order to get adequate lighting depending on the size of your pool table. Bear in mind that the height is only one part that you should take note of when installing the lights. There are many other important details that you need to understand before doing installation of pool table lights such as wiring and switches.

Proper installation is important

Once you order your new pool table lights, you need to properly install them so that you will not encounter problems like loose wiring, bulbs that cannot be switch on or worse, lights falling. As such, this is not something you should do on your own because many light fixtures must be mounted to your ceiling properly. It is in your best interest to hire a professional electrician to complete the installation. But if you do decide to be adventurous and install it on your own, do read some of my post on installation:

If you order the light as a set kit then you will have all of the pieces you need to install the new lights and the time required of the professional will be limited. However, if you order discount pool table lights from a third party then you will want to ensure that you have a complete list of the necessary parts for installation from the manufacturer. By ensuring all this, you are assured that your lighting system will be installed properly.

On a side not; if you can, be sure to install the lights prior to installing the pool table so that you do not damage the cloth. If your table is already installed then invest in a cover for the table prior to hiring an electrician.

Pool Table Lights

Where to buy them?

Now that you have understand and ready to buy your pool table lights, the question is where do you go to buy them?

There are a few places that you can go to purchase your lights. Firstly, you can head straight to a manufacturer but this is only feasible if you are located near them. Alternatively, you can visit your local lighting store and place an order. But the easiest option is to search online for a variety of lights that you desire including chrome modern pool table lights. There are many sites that sells lighting fixture but I would recommend you start with my top 3 websites for lighting fixture. You can even order a custom pool table light constructed for your specific table on the internet.

On top of that, if you are not too particular about design, there are many sports and beer related companies that offer the perfect lights for your billiards room. Placing bulk orders can save you a lot of money and it will also earn you free shipping for some of the designs.

If you have a budget constrain, you can buy used pool table lights online for much less money. In fact purchasing cheap pool table lights can save you upwards of fifty percent off of the manufacturer’s price if you are willing to look for the good deals.

Alternatively, you can embark on a DIY project and build your very own lighting for your pool table. I’ve created a comprehensive post on how to create your own pool table lights. Do check out the post before you start on your project!

Pool Table LightsSummary of everything

Overall there are many pool table lights available for private or public use. Selecting the right one is based on your personal preference in large part and on the size of the table you have. Once you select the type of lights you want you need to have them professionally installed and verify that the bulbs you picked provide the perfect lighting overall. Then you are well on your way to enjoying your new table! Check out my compilation of the most unique pool table lighting fixtures.